TakeT H2+ Headphones

The King of all headphones ! - Based on patented proprietary  TAT driver by TakeT expect headphone sound reproduction with stunning clarity, opulence and vividness.

The main specification
1. Drive method:
- Polymer piezo-electric
- Heil-type drive with BP
- (external super-tweeter)
2. Reproduction frequency:
- 10Hz-100Hz or more
3. The maximum input:
- Electric power; 10W+10W
4. The maximum input:
- Current: 20mA+20mA
5. Impedance: 5kΩ or more
6. Mass: About 360gr.

Accessories available: Think and thick pads
Customer can select a left thin pad of the photograph or a right thick pad with pad-frame. We also sell it as an option. The pad-frames can be easily exchanged by + driver because they are fixed to the arm of the head-frame with the screw.
Thin pad (pair): The presence like you go up to the stage and to participate in the performance are obtained.
Thick pad (pair): The presence like you are listening by sitting in a relaxed manner on the sofa in a superlative degree seat. Concave is installed the front and under the pad so that the sound should not shut oneself up.
In addition a super tweeter is added (Batpure) to further expand soundstage and linearity.
Due to the high impedance of the TaT driver (min. 5kΩ) a step down transformer or a dedicated high impedance output amp is recommended.


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