MYTEK Digital was founded in 1992 by Michal Jurewicz, E.E., at the time the technical engineer at the Hit Factory and then later Skyline Recording Studios, the two major anchors of a major recording industry of the time in New York City. MYTEK Digital was established in response to NYC recording industry needs for the best possible digital conversion quality required for production of the newly introduced Compact Disk. The ADCs and DACs prototypes designed by Michal has been immediately used to record many now classic albums of David Bowie, Lou Reed, Mariah Carey, James Taylor, B52's and many more. Michal has since designed over 20 models of various digital audio converters since that are widely used in studios around the world today. MYTEK brand is particularly valued for recording acoustic music because of its signature transparence and detail. In 2005 Michal has been commissioned to design a DSD Master Recorder for Sony SACD project intended for mastering of Super Audio CDs. During that time Michal and other MYTEK engineers have gained extensive expertise with DSD format and started to appreciate it's amazing liquid and analog like sound quality ever since. Around 2009, it has become evident to Michal, that the digital high resolution downloads were the inevitable future of the audiophile market and that they will eventually become the vehicle for DSD sound, for a variety of reasons including convenience and finally greatly simplified licensing and distribution. Suddenly, the trends got reversed, the grass roots audiophile demand for DSD music replaced top industry mandated disk formats. There was now opportunity to realize the long standing dream- bring the pristine DSD studio masters to discerning audiophile listeners. 2 years later MYTEK released the Stereo192-DSD-DAC, with its amazing 128dB DR sound quality and unprecedented value of advanced conversion engineering in the embodiment of years of Mytek DSD expertise.


  • Stereo192-DSD-DAC