The Grand Enigma is enormous in many aspects. However, it is not an unmoveable boulder or an overwhelming wardrobe without doors. They say, Attila, the great Hun conqueror was not a tall man after all…

The charm of the Grand Enigma lies in its perfect balance. It erects gracefully in front of your armchair, making a precious presence in your room, though it is not intrusive at all. Slim and timeless design allows it to be the jewel of the room for a long long time.

When it releases its voice, it is massive indeed. There is no wall that can stop the boundless space it renders around you. Swift and precise, yet fluid and organic the sound it radiates, the natural transients mock your sense of reality until you forget your hifi system and remember how it feels to melt away at a catartic concert.

The Grand Enigma helps to understand yourself better. It reflects on the important things in your life, and supports you whenever you need guidence in the world of music. It is not the size or the sound, but the soulmate you find in it makes this enigmatic loudspeaker truely “Grand”.

  • TMR technology
  • Dual high-quality terminals for bass and upper section
  • Various wood veneer fihishes available