Burson Audio

Burson Audio
Burson Audio was named after Mark Burson, a well know audiophile in the Melbourne audio community. For more than three decades Mark has worked tirelessly in the recording and broadcasting industry. Much of his leisure time was spent on audio projects like Dynaco and Hafler.

The kindness of Mark and his family has touched many. For over fifteen years, his three bedroom house in Epping became the weekend meeting place for local audio enthusiasts and emerging musicians. All were welcome; he even embraced the first timers like old friends. There, audiophiles exchanged ideas, initiated projects and talked about music. Cookies were always plentiful and we all contributed our fair share. Each audio project was passionately referred to as Burson projects. Well into his retirement, Mark no longer takes active participation at Burson Audio. However, his passion for music is deeply rooted in the heart of team Burson, and his philosophy is reflected by every single Burson creation.

Team Burson
Formed around 1996 by a small group of passionate audiophiles, the sole purpose of the team was to pool various knowledge and experience to build and develop audio projects for the member's own enjoyment. None of the projects were aimed to have any commercial value, they were either too costly or time consuming to produce on a large scale. Instead, they were always aimed to achieve perfection. The team believes that making a piece of audio equipment is just like crafting a musical instrument; knowledge, patience and absolute passion are key to refinement! It took almost ten years before Team Burson formally introduced our first commercial product in 2005. We were both surprised and grateful by all the instant support and recognition had given by the global audiophile community.