The thesis ω (omega) monobloc power amplifier is an AC-coupled device in true Heed fashion that drives loudspeakers in a similar way to valve power amplifiers, but without their inherent problems related to the vacuum tube. Despite certain topological similarities to its valve counterparts, the thesis ω is best described as a quintessentially solid-state power amp that successfully gets around the often sterile, lifeless sound of most solid-state devices. We believe that connecting amplifiers to speakers by AC- instead of the prevalent DC-coupling results in amuch more natural, less “cropped” decay of tones. Freed from the cost containments of the Obelisk power amplifiers, we could achieve a no-compromise implementation of this topology in the thesis ω. With its very generously sized power supply, unlike valve amplifiers, it is also extremely stable even into the most difficult loads – continuous power delivery up to 160W or capability of driving loads down to 1.6 Ohm speak for themselves. It is capable of driving all kind of speakers except those with very low efficiency.