If Heed were a pure electronics manufacturer, our thesis would end here. We are, however, designersand manufacturers of all-encompassing audioequipment. Just like our Obelisk/Enigma concept,the thesis also consists of electronics and loudspeakers.These are bound together in a synergicentity in which the speakers play a pivotal role. So let us introduce you to our second “enigmaticchallenger”, the envoy of thesis.Following our non-directional speaker concept thatfirst jelled in the Enigma, we have turned over a newleaf and created the envoy, a bigger enigma– literally. It is a dual TMR (transmissionline-reflex) 2.5-way non-directional speaker that improves onthe Enigma in almost all respects. By using two 6.5 inch drivers in two separate quarter-wave TMR chambers, the envoy performs an exceptionallydeep, voluminous and dynamic bass response, while its state-of-the-art tweeter not only preserves the Enigma’s uniquely open and holographic midupper range but makes it even more detailed, transparent and tangible. A breathtakingly realistic reproduction of music in all its facets, spaciousness and immediacy that casts a spell over the listener.