Do you know what music really sounds like? Add a X-One to your audio system and find out.

You will get the highest performance from your speakers, you will hear music without ear fatigue and you will hear more detail from your favorite recordings, without changing your equipment.

  • Not a DSP
  • Not a EQ
  • Not a DAC
  • Not a DRC
  • Not a Filter

In the original musical signal there are accumulated anomalies that deteriorate the sound. Intermodulation, asymmetry, interferences, electronic noise, alterations in the waveforms, non-sinusoidal, etc.

These abnormalities are small, but once amplified severely restrain the electromagnetic behaviour of the speakers, and the the passive filters. The final sound is not as desired, producing a muddled and inaccurate soundstage, altered timbre, cancelling out micro-details, with a sensation of compressed or limited audio and heavy, exaggerated or slow bass.

With its remarkable timbre, warmth and listening comfort, permits long, unfatiguing music sessions.

Its has extraordinarily dynamic resolution without being aggressive or cold and a unit worthy of the perfectionist electronics it contains.ยท Appearance of small details, now stronger an with unprecedented cadence. The X-one delivers.

  • Perfect reverb tails
  • Clarifies big orchestral and choral masses
  • Better three-dimensionality
  • More natural sound, with further harmony between instruments
  • Well defined soundscape
  • More relaxed sound and less listening fatigue
  • Greater separation between complex instruments
  • Vocals with a greater presence and realism