Looks like a cable, is connected as a cable,yet it is much more than a cable. It is an active technology Drei,that we have now added to a high quality neutral cable.

Giving absolute transparency in the audio signal.

100% Analog.Cable technology that combines bi-metal with the effective DREi. Cables with separated silver nuclei, surrounded by polarized extremely pure copper and externally shielded. Connectors platinum and rhodium plated of extreme quality. The Cables include external adjustments for 5 Synergy positions to perfectly adapt this cable to the audio system where it is installed.

By correcting the technical parameters with the DREi module, you will have an absolute neutral interconnection of extreme accuracy and transparency.

The X-CABLE is a passive cable with an active "X" series DREi module, which will increase the performance of the audio system, optimizing the connection between the components and offer outstanding musicality, crystal clear sound, with excellent opening and three-dimensionality. A high level of detail and overwhelming silence.

The extraordinary control it exerts on the total energy to be amplified allows higher SPL before clipping the audio system and the room. The benefits of the music signal are categorical.

Use these X-CABLEs for all the interconnections of your system, and if you want even more, you can install one of our external DeIntermodulators like our DREi Micro or X- DREI Hi-end, or even better, one of our Multipreamplifiers. The effect of DREi technology is accumulative.

Neutral Audio┬┤s Cables are built solidly, with high quality materials and handmade. Only for the analogue signal line.


  • 2 x Module DREi tech All Inside for audio
  • 5 positions Synergy control
  • 2 x XLR or RCA connections Platinum / Rhodio
  • 2 x 110cm cable. of silver core surrounded by high purity copper.

Neutral Pure Power supply 230VAC and 12VDC/2A output (up to 3 cables) and bridge 30cm.