Pearl TL 66 or TL 6C


Small membrane cardioids with a high or low level output stage

Pearl's small capsule cardioid TL microphones come in handy in a number of situations. The TL 66 is a low (normal) level transformerless version with a very low noise floor. It is suitable for situations like recording choirs, smaller ensembles, grand piano in a live or studio situation. The TL 66 really shines when it comes to faithfully reproducing percussion and is often used in a pair for drum overheads.

The high level model TL 6C is the given choice where microphones can't be placed close to the source for various reasons. Examples include discreet interrogation work or when recording conversations of many persons in a room (such as roll calls, public Q&A sessions and other kinds of meetings with several people involved). The very low noise of the TL 6C ensures that recording under hard conditions becomes useful.

The TL 66 and TL 6C are finished in piano black ED lacquer.

Package includes

  • Cardboard box and soft bag
  • Individual frequency graph

Frequency response



Polar pattern Cardioid
Sensitivity 12 mV/Pa (TL 66) and 80 mV/Pa (TL 6C)
Frequency response 40Hz - 16kHz
Impedance 500 ohms
Operating Voltage 30-48 volts
Rec. load imp 6 K ohms (TL 66) and 1 K ohm (TL 6C)
Current consumption 1.3 mA
Self noise 18 dBA
Max SPL 132 dB
Connector 3-pin XLR
Dimensions 116 x ΓΈ21 mm
Weight 130 g